Hmm..that didn't take long

After not hearing from my new boss for a few days I called her.  I needed to know my official start date, uniform rules, and what time I have orientation on the 9th.

Initially I was set to clean doctors offices.  She seemed very anxious to use my previous knowledge of how and what to clean as a basis for time studies and then placement of people in the new areas.
When I talked to her today it was a whole different ballgame.  Would I be comfortable in the ER?  I might be better suited for that.  Would I be ok working around other people?  I thought she meant for training but then the way she was wording it I began to realize she meant it as a permanent placement.

Wait, how did we get from one this to that?!?

She mentioned she would still utilize me for getting the routine of the offices mapped out again but I feel it was the bait and switch.

So here I am, feeling disappointed.  This job may turn out to be short term.  I can't handle another flaky boss.  It's sad I will still accept this new job because even after this I hate my current job too much to stay.

Good grief.    

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